Chris Poland is probably best known as the former lead guitarist for Megadeth, but Chris had been a well known L.A. area fusion player prior to his stint with Mustaine's group. He has since continued to solidify his reputation as an exceptional musician and guitar player, leading such projects as his solo debut, Return to Metalopolis, and as the leader of the now defunct progressive band, Damn the Machine. Chris' clean, overdriven tone, and legato phrasing make him instantly recognizable. His unique style can be partially attributed to an injury to his index finger on his fret hand. This injury forced him to develop a style that includes smoothly phrased passages and wide intervallic leaps. He has also developed a Vai-ish approach in his use of the tremolo bar, using it to create melodies by raising and lowering the notes to specific pitches, rather than as a simple dive-bomb effect.