CAPITOL PUNISHMENT: The Megadeth Years - Capitol Records, 2000
Megadeth is: Dave Mustaine : Vocals, Guitars
             Al Pitrelli   : Guitars
             David Ellefson: Bass Guitars, Backup Vocals
             Jimmy DeGrasso: Drums

List of Songs

 1) Kill The King (3:46)
 2) Dread And The Fugitive (4:26)
 3) Crush 'Em (4:59)
 4) Use The Man (4:37)
 5) Almost Honest (4:04)
 6) Trust (5:12)
 7) A Tout Le Monde (4:31)
 8) Train Of Consequences (3:28)
 9) Sweating Bullets (5:04)
10) Symphony Of Destruction (4:03)
11) Hangar 18 (5:13)
12) Holy Wars... The Punishment Due (6:35)
13) In My Darkest Hour (6:19)
14) Peace Sells (9:19)

Kill The King

 Broken down, feeling naked
 Leaving me unfulfilled
 Promising compromise
 Championing mediocrity

 Time and time again
 What you said ain't what you mean
 Even if all my bones are broken
 I will drag myself back from the edge

 To kill the king, the king is dead,
 Long live the king, I am the king
 God save the King

 I reveal a deceiver
 In the highest seat in land
 His idle hands, the devil's workshop
 Generate more smoke than heat

 A new precedent in pain
 Mankind is blown to dust
 An explosion of the brain
 Spontaneously combust


 Dread & The Fugitive Mind

 Let me introduce myself
 I'm a social disease
 I've come for your wealth
 And leave you on your knees
 No time for feeling sorry
 I got here on my own
 I won't ask for mercy
 I choose to walk alone 

 What's your is mine and what's mine is mine too
 If you shake my hand better count your fingers 

 What if I do get caught?
 What if the is no judgment?
 If I'm right I loose nothing
 If you're right I lose it all

 I ought to get caught
 Because I'm doing something wicked
 I'm guilty hanted by my fears
 And the only consequences
 Are dread and the fugitive mind

 You built walls to protect you
 So no one will infect you
 Pursued by those out there
 That vanish in thin air
 Come a long way to find
 What you really left behind
 You don't know when the end is
 But it's coming fast