DOB: 09/13/61 
Birthplace: La Mesa, California 
Height: 5' 11" 
Weight: 175 lbs. 
Eyes: Hazel 
Hair: Strawberry Blonde/Red 
Status: Married wife Pam in March 1991
Kids: Justis and Electra 
Siblings: Michelle, Suzanne, and Debbie 
First Band: Panic 1979 
Other Bands: Metallica, MD.45 


Band/Album: AC/DC-Let There Be Rock, Led Zeppelin-Presence, KISS- 
Hotter Than Hell 
Movie: Dirty Harry 
Holiday: Christmas 
Meal/Food: English Breakfast, Italian, and Sushi
Memory: Yes, I still have my memory 
Book: It changes 
Politician: Nelson Mandela 
Historical Figure: Jesus 
Favorite song on Cryptic Writings: Trust 
Favorite Venue: America West Arena 
TV shows: Get Smart, The Three Stooges, or Green Hornet
Three words that describe you: Happy, joyous, and free 
Dogs: Zeus (male) and Perro de Presa Canario Hera, (female); 
Neapolitan Mastiff Horses: Supreme Heiress, (mare American  Saddlebred), 
Get up and Dance (mare- American Saddlebred)  
Good-luck charm: I don't believe in lucky charms 
Hobbies: Guitar, Martial arts, golf, hockey, and snowboarding  
Most embarrassing moment:
 I wouldn't mention it publicly  
If you have learned one thing in life, what is it and why: 
 That time  waits for no one
Daily philosophy: Treat peoples the way that
 I want to be treated 
Ideal Day/Evening: Golf in the morning, sushi for lunch,
 a Phoenix  Coyotes hockey game that they win,
 then a night alone with my family 
How has being a parent changed your lifestyle/thinking: 
 I take more  time now to make sure people
 get their questions answered 
What song do you want played at your funeral:
 Still alive and Well-Johnny Winters
What do you like to do to relax while touring:
 Read and watch CNN/ESPN 
Occupation if not a musician: Teacher