Playboy Review of Risk To hear some people talk, we all should have outgrown heavy metal by now. The great thing about metal is that about once a year, it kicks all suck thinking square in the ass. This year's boot belongs to Dave Mustaine's Megadeth, for its ferocious Risk (Capitol). I like it for the reasons a critic would: The songs are better written and the singing is a lot more coherent that most earlier Megadeth discs. On Breadline, Mustaine creates a sympathetic portrait of the white-collar unemployed: "He's dancin' on the breadline," he sings. "Watch him dance!" Of course, these sort of men don't dance at all, but they might if they heard Megadeth's new drummer, Jimmy DeGrasso, rattle his cage on stuff like Prince of Darkness and Crush 'Em. - DAVE MARSH