Miss Megadeth.com's Vital Stats:
 Name: Heather Keckler
 Birthdate: 11/01/73
 Birthplace: Davenport, IA
 Current Residence: Arizona
 Height: 5’5”
 Weight: Uhhhh. I’m not tellin’ ;)
 Eyes: green
 Hair: blonde
 Marital Status: Engaged
 Children: nope
 Siblings: One older sister
 Megadeth fan: 1990-present

 Album: Ack. I love them all…if I had to
 choose it would be RIP
 Song: Holy Dirty! That’s almost impossible
 to do. How about a Top10? Ashes in Your
 Mouth, New World Order, Wake Up Dead,
 Disintegrators, Tornado of Souls, Holy
 Wars…The Punishment Due, 99 Ways to Die, A Tout Le Monde, She-Wolf, Peace
 Sells… But Who's Buying?
 Video: Hanger 18

 Other Favorites:
 Movie: Real Genius
 Holiday: Halloween (does that count as a holiday?)
 Meal/Food: Tofu Stir Fry / cheese (just about any kind)
 Memory: Competing at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain as a member
 of Dance Team U.S.A.
 TV show: Melrose or 90210 (I’m such a chick!)

 Miscellaneous Info:
 Hobbies: Working out, sleeping, eating, surfing the net, educating myself, going to
 Diamondbacks and Coyotes games.
 Most embarrassing moment: The list is long…but distinguished.
 Education: Graduate of Arizona State University-Bachelor of Science in Human
 Nutrition and Dietetics
 Ideal Day/Evening: Sleep late, get in a good workout, eat at my favorite restaurant,
 go to a Megadeth show, and call it a day.
 Current Occupation: Total Slacker

 Questions and Answers:
 Q: Do you play any instruments? 
 A: If somebody had a gun to my head, I could play the drums. My uncle is a
 drummer and he taught me the basics.

 Q: What do you look for in a man?
 A: A sense of humor, intelligence, confidence (not arrogance), good personal hygiene
 (I’m not kidding!), intriguing eyes, creativity, a nice physique (not too muscular), and
 preferably long well kept beautiful hair. That’s not too much to ask… is it?

 Q: Besides Megadeth, what bands do you listen to?
 A: Ozzy, AC/DC, White Zombie/Rob Zombie, old Metallica, Van Halen, KISS, Judas
 Priest, old Iron Maiden/Bruce Dickinson, The Hunger, The Offspring, Thin Lizzy, and
 a ton of others. That’s all I can think of now.