Reckoning Day 

 I like the way that I make you itch
 And all the reasons I give you to bitch
 And how I make you wanna scream in pain
 And feel your life is just a losing game

 I like the way that you let me in
 The way you look when the walls cave in
 I like the way that your stomach knots
 And how you cry for it all to stop

 I like the way the you fool yourself
 And make believe there's nobody else
 I like the way that you stand in line
 And beg salvation from the empty skies

 Don't want no revenge
 Ain't no pay back time
 It ain't called getting even
 Here comes the reckoning day

 I like the things that you try to fake
 And your face when I see you break
 And that you say you will pray for me
 You realize you are prey for me

 I like the way you stay on attack 
 No matter what, I keep coming back
 And how you try to hold me down
 But you end up driven to the ground


  Train Of Consequences

 I'm doing you a favor
 As I'm taking all your money
 I guess I should feel sorry
 But I don't even trust me
 There's bad news creeping up
 And you feel a sudden chill
 How do you do? My name is trouble
 I'm coming in for the kill...
 And you know I will

 Set the ball A-Rollin
 I'll be clicking off the miles
 On the train of consequences
 My boxcar life O' style
 My thinking is derailed
 I'm tied up to the tracks
 The train of consequences
 There ain't no turning back

 No horse ever ran as fast
 As the money that you bet
 I'm blowing on my cards
 And I play them to my chest
 Life's fabric is corrupt
 Shot through with corroded thread
 As for me I hocked my brains
 Packed my bags and headed west


  Addicted To Chaos

 Only yesterday they told me you were gone
 All these normal people, will I find another 
 Monkey on my back, Aching my bones
 I forgot you said "One day you'll walk alone"
 I said I need you, does that make me wrong?
 Am I a weak man, are you feeling strong?
 My heard was blackened, It's bloody red
 A hole in my heart, a hole in my head?

 Who will help me up?
 Where's the helping hand?
 Will you turn on me?
 Is this my final stand?

 In a dream I cannot see
 Tangled abstract fallacy
 Random turmoil builds in me
 I'm addicted to chaos

 Lights shined on my path,
 Turn bad days into good
 Turn breakdowns into blocks, I smashed 'em
 Cause I could
 My brain was Labored, My head would spin
 Don't let me down, don't give up, don't give in
 The rain comes down, cold wind blows
 The plans we made are back up on the road
 Turn up my collar, welcome the unknown
 Remember that you said
 "One day you'll walk alone"


  A Tout Le Monde

 Don't remember where I was
 I realized life was a game
 The more seriously I took things
 The harder the rules became
 I had no idea what it'd cost
 My life passed before my eyes
 I found out how little I accomplished
 All my plans denied

 So as you read this know my friends
 I'd love to stay with you all
 Please smile when you think of me
 My body's gone that's all

 A tout le monde
 A tout les amis
 Je vous aime
 Je dois partir
 There are the last words
 I'll ever speak
 And they'll set me free

 If my heart was still alive
 I know it would surely break
 And my memories left with you
 There's nothing more to say

 Moving on is a simple thing
 What it leaves behind is hard
 You know the sleeping feel no more pain
 And the living are scarred


  Elysian Fields

 Uneasy feeling, Burning out my eyes
 I hope the end is less painful than my life
 I stand on trial before the gods
 On Judgment day
 A blink of an eye between
 The cradle and the grave

 One last look at visions of flesh
 The last hope of man on earth
 Pontius Pilate still washing his hands
 The world don't want to be saved
 Only left alone

 Elysian Fields...
 We are storming the heavens
 To raise the swords and shields
 We ascend to our destiny
 To the Elysian fields

 Soaring to the sun
 With blood upon their wings
 Superstitious dust left twisting in the wind
 Man still has one belief, 
 One decree that stands alone
 The laying down of arms
 I like cancer to their bones


  The Killing Road

 Again we stalk the stage
 At mach speed we engage
 Feeding people's rage
 The big cat's left it's cage
 Back in the bus again
 To catch another plane
 The behavior's quite insane
 But we do it for the fame, yeah

 I lost my mind, I lost all my money
 I lost my life to the killing road

 The road will never end
 It always starts again
 Another show's around the bend
 Another long lost friend
 Faceless as the snow
 There's nothing special about the road
 It's just another haul
 It's just too damn long that's all, yeah


  Blood Of Heroes

 Walking stiff let me tell ya
 Better left for dead
 And now we are on a mission
 Well it's full speed ahead
 My legion's when we do the crime
 Let's get one thing straight
 To get there early is on time
 And showing up on time is late

 Ladies and gents, we're still alive
 By the skin of our teeth, now it's killing
 Angel in our pocket, devil by our side
 We ain't going nowhere cuz' heroes never die
 Still alive
 Blood of heroes
 Never die
 They never die

 We've been run down every hill
 Chased up all the dead end streets
 But if you try to cut us out
 You'll get a kick in the teeth

 Ladies and gents we're still alive
 By the skin of our teeth, now it's killing time
 Fasten up your head belts,
 Time to ride the skies
 It's time to be immortal,
 'cuz heroes never die


 Family Tree
 Forgotten things remembered
 The tigers eat their young
 The body stayed but inside the head
 The mind was on the run
 A conspiracy of silence
 The only way out of pain
 Is turn around, run through it man
 Too wet to come in from the rain, 
 Tell them...

 I know they were doing it to you
 But don't try doing it to me

 Let me show you, how I love you
 It's our secret, you and me
 But keep it in the family tree
 The secret of the family tree

 When you hear them saying "Trust me"
 Don't wait to see what's next
 Thrown to the wolves
 Forever trusting
 Raised in a form of living hell
 Sing a one note song of rage
 Live and die within your heart
 So beware in the shadows

 Your family tree waits in the dark
 I say...


 Who'd believe with the way things are here
 We'd be going anywhere telling people
 How to live?
 Who'd believe we'd spend more
 Shippin' drugs and guns
 Than to educate our sons? Sorry but
 That's what they did

 I can't help but think, 
 Someone's forsaken you and me

 Luck deserted me and the truth
 Beat out my brains
 Men rise on stepping stones of their
 Selves to higher things
 I've stepped over lots of bodies on my way
 Thanks for the information don't need no
 More anything

 We are the damned of all the world
 With sadness in our hearts
 The wounded of the wars
 We've been hung out to dry
 You didn't want us anyway
 And now we're making up our minds
 You tell us how to run our lives
 We run for youthanasia


 I Thought I Knew It All

 Somewhere there's a reason
 Why things go like they do
 Somewhere there's a reason
 Why somethings just fall through
 We don't always see them
 For what they really are
 But I know there's a reason,
 Just can't see it from this far

 Maybe I don't like it, But I have no choice
 I know that somewhere, someone hears my voice

 I thought I knew it all
 I thought I had it made
 How could it end this way?
 I thought I knew

 Somewhere there's a reason
 Why things don't go my way
 Somewhere there's a reason
 That I cannot explain
 Just like the change of season,
 Just may not be my turn
 But I know there's a reason,
 The lesson's mine to learn


 Black Curtains

 Hey... Look around you
 Everything's helter-skelter
 Listen up... I warn you
 Run for cover, run
 Bang... It happened
 Time's up, Armageddon
 Fire... Meltdown
 The sky is crumbling in

 Black Curtains... Never ending

 Escape... You're joking
 Can't find no place to run
 Hair... Is burning
 My flesh is bubbling up
 Blood... Is boiling
 Taste copper on my tongue
 Fate... Is coming
 Welcome it with a smile

 Black Curtains... Never ending, fall

 Am I dreaming? My heart pounds my chest
 Held for ransom in spider's web
 Suffocating, no one hears my calls
 Never ending, till the black curtain falls

 Snakes... Surround me
 Offering their death kiss to me
 Down... I'm drowning
 How long, I hold my breath
 Dogs... Are chasing 
 My legs are paralyzed
 Pray... Don't find me

 My life is fading fast



 Now, one day I started telling everyone that
 "Killing Is My Business..." and I was hung like a
 For "Looking Down The Cross" my "Skull Beneath
 The Skin" 
 Prophesied "Last Rites/Loved To Death" my friends
 Then I started seeing "Bad Omens" in my head
 "Good Mourning/Black Friday" will I "Wake Up
 If I "Ain't Superstitious" then this won't mean a
 But some crazy shit has happened since "The Conjuring"

 Had fingers in my eyes, had needles in my veins
 A knife right through my heart, I am a victory

 Came "Anarchy" to "Set The World A Fire"
 Pain of "Hook In Mouth", "In My Darkest Hour"
 Corruption of the world "Peace Sells.. But
 Nobody's Buying"
 Ignorant Religion "Holy Wars" and the dying, yea
 by the "Skin Of My Teeth"
 "This Was My Life", "Foreclosure Of My Dreams"
 May the past "Rust In Peace" In "Hangar 18"
 And "Countdown To Extinction"
 Just be a bad dream
 "Lucretia" said...